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Our Vision

We believe it is important to be pro-active rather than reactive. At Nour we also have a strong Islamic ethos and seek to condemn domestic violence using Islamic literature from both the Quran and the prophetic teachings. This is important in communities where there is a general but widespread misconception that Islam advocates domestic violence. We are currently able to offer access to Islamic advisors, professional advisors and legal advisors.

Our Services and Campaigns


Silence Weapon

Otherwise known as the ‘Toilet Door Campaign’, this campaign allows every organisation to become involved with raising awareness….. More


Phoneline Poster

We are pleased to announce the launch of our phoneline. Please note as we are an all voluntary charity, hence we are only able to provide…..  More



A support group to Muslim women who are affected by divorce. lead by Aminah, the founder of Al Tawfeeq coaching, offering…..  More


DV Week

Every year we dedicate a week solely to raising awareness about the taboo issue of domestic abuse. We utilise different platforms…..  More

What is Domestic Violence

Signs of Domestic Violence

  • Constant fear of your partner
  • The feeling of helplessness or emotionless
  • Believing you deserve to be mistreated
  • Your partner continuously humiliates/yells/criticises you
  • Ill treatment which you’re embarrassed to disclose to your friends/family
  • Your partner blames you for their own abusive behaviour
  • Partner possessing an unpredictable temper
  • Partner always tries to control you